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The geographical position of Zimbabwe was a blessing for the formation of Affretair as its incorporation was mainly because of the land locked nature of the country. Because of the rampant liberation wars in Southern Africa in the later part of the 60’s and early 70’s, airfreight was the most sensible and pragmatic means of transport, the National Cargo Airline of Zimbabwe has been in the airfreighting business since 1964 when back then it traded as Air Trans Africa flying a DC4 aircraft. The experience and expertise we have gained on airfreight over the years is comparable to none. As our moto goes, no one knows the jungles of Africa better than ourselves.

Past and Present

Initially, Affretair operated on charter basis only uplifting freight as and when it became available. However, with time, certain niche markets began to take shape and there was a need for scheduled services. Over the years, Affretair has played a significant role in the ever expanding and dynamic horticultural industry. This has been an important facet in Zimbabwe’s quest for exportable products to overseas markets. The once small industry, has grown into a multi million dollar business and at all times, Affretair has been at hand to assist.
As mentioned above, the airfreight of flowers has grown during the peak season from 30T to 240T a day. It is however not only horticultural products that have found overseas markets, but other industrial products such as textiles and general cargo (in the form of mining minerals, shoes, etc).

To assist horticultural producers maintain the desired cold chain and maintain quality, Affretair erected a state of the art coldroom facility at the Harare International Airport. This facility takes up to 100T of Cargo which is equivalent to a B747-400 aircraft.
Currently, Affretair flies a DC8-73F five times a week into Europe using Brussels as its hub. All connecting freight to within Europe and America is transferred to it’s final destination on the same day. As sucessful airfreighting is all about having return loads, Affretair decided not to concentrate on Zimbabwe alone on the southbound but on the whole SADC Region. This was mainly because the outward freight from Zimbabwe did not match that of the inbound. To cater for the regional freight, a distribution network was formed and this is how the Harare hubbing came about.

Within the SADC region Affretair currently flies a B727 Freighter with a maximum tonnage of 20T to Lusaka three times a week, to Lilongwe twice, to Johannesburg daily except Saturdays and most recently to Luanda once a week. Other three destinations to capitals within Southern Africa are coming on stream soon. In an effort to complement and improve our long haul service, we intend introducing a wide bodied aircraft for our Zimbabwe to Europe route by the end of 1998. We also have intentions to launch a scheduled service to the Far East when our equipment availability improves.

Affretair has representation in almost all the industrial Capitals of the World and details regarding your nearest office can be obtained by clicking here.

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